You have made this progress possible.

All the work of Common Edge is amplified and transformed by the current crisis that we’re experiencing because of the coronavirus pandemic. As noted on our website, climate change is already impacting our weather, geography, food production, even our behavior.

Sadly, neither the federal nor the state governments are doing much to educate and prepare the public for the inevitable challenges to come, as evidenced by their poor response to the COVID-19 pandemic. A world caught flat footed by an event—long predicted by scientists—is hardly ready for the defining challenge of our time: climate change.

  • The global response to the pandemic has exposed the challenges and shortcomings of governments worldwide, but perhaps most keenly here in the US. The utter lack of preparation and the poor response to COVID-19 by the federal government, was in many ways predictable, foreshadowed as it was by a long refusal to address climate change.
  • The COVID-19 crisis has revealed a whole series of broken systems in our country. If we hope to address climate change, we will need systemic change: new ways of generating power; storing and using water; providing broader access to health care and housing.
  • The government’s failures in response to COVID-19 underscores how unprepared we are — as a society, as a culture, even as a species — for the inevitable impacts of climate change.

The Opportunities

This unprecedented time also represents an opportunity: to plan, to figure what does work, to discard what clearly doesn’t work. With our Climate Change project, we will engage major foundations, public policy makers and community advocates through an awareness-building public relations project that will incorporate public speaking engagements and media outreach. Our efforts include seeking out major funding through foundations and organizations, but we cannot achieve this without demonstrating a strong base of support from our individual subscribers and donors who have enabled our growth to this point.

We ask that you consider supporting this new effort by making a one-time donation of $50.00 or more, or if you can, a monthly donation of $5, $10, or $15.00. Your contribution of any size will help us fulfill our mission “to educate people through communications, content, and organizing, in hopes of expanding the public dialogue among leaders and citizens, and help prepare for the unprecedented road ahead.”